Grocery Guides

This page has a collection of grocery guides that make it easier for you to buy the healthiest products for your family.  It may not be possible for most to avoid all GMO food or buy all organic all the time.  However – this information empowers you with the information you need to make a plan for the best products for your family. 

Access to this information empowers you to vote with your wallet.  These organizations are generally hoping that this information guides your purchases and that will turn the tide for what we are offered at the store and bring about much better offerings!

Eating OrganicClean 15 and the Dirty Dozen

Avoiding GMO food:  Click here for a free downloadable Non-GMO grocery guide

Personal Products:  Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Cleaning Products:  Guide to Healthy Cleaning

Food Health Ratings:  Fooducate Eat a Bit Better


Other Resources:

Locally Farmed Meats:  Eat Wild Grass Fed Beef
Locally Farmed Veggies and Fruits:  Local Harvest

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