Easy Green – Buy Recycled Paper Products

Want to save trees, water and energy all in one action?  An easy way to be green is to purchase your paper products with recycled content.  My goal is generally to buy with as much recycled content as possible.

Toilet Paper – Recycled regular paper made into toilet paper – what were you thinking I meant?

All kidding aside – people are very specific about the feel of their toilet paper – so I suggest buying a brand that at least has some percentage of recycled content.  I buy Marcal Small Steps brand – and I’ve been really happy with it – it is 100% recycled content and the 1000 sheets bath tissue is very similar to Scott brand (which has always been my favorite kind).

Printer Paper – This takes some forethought generally because if you pick up some at the grocery store or local drug store they may only offer non-recycled paper.  You will enjoy more selection online or at an office supply store .

I found that printer paper seems to be the most price sensitive to recycled content – I think a good price/benefit compromise is 30% recycled content.  However, if you go higher – you get bonus points.

My girls are both artists so we go through paper pretty quickly here.  Of course almost all of the drawings are then recycled… Please don’t tell on me.  (o;

My Humble Cloth Pile

Paper Towels and Napkins – Okay… I haven’t actually bought paper towels in a long time.  However, when I have been cornered into buying some, I always look for as much recycled content as possible.

Yeah, well what do we do about bacon, you ask?  Try laying it over a cooling rack and letting the grease drip to a plate below… you’re welcome.

Anyways, what I use are dish cloths and old cloth baby diapers to wipe down my counters.  I keep a stash of nice-er cloth napkins to wrap snacks in for the girls.

Pinned Image

Super Cute but… is it Practical???

I’ve got to say – I keep seeing this set-up on Pinterest and while I admire the cuteness of it and the intention to reuse… I think it’s going to look like that once all snapped together in a roll and then eventually end up in a pile like mine anyways.  Also – how annoying would those snaps be in the dryer or as you are trying to clean?

Okay, that said – if someone gave me some for Christmas I would secretly love it…

Green Forest White Facial TissueFacial Tissue – This one is something I need to work on.  So far I have been faithfully buying the ‘with lotion’ kind feeling very sorry for myself.  However, I pledge here and now to try a box of tissue with recycled content.

Something else that you could do for an ouchie nose is cut up an old tee-shirt (one that’s too used up to donate) and use that for kleenex… nice and soft and it was going to end up in a land fill anyways.

Did I Miss Anything?  What recycled products do you routinely buy?  Have you stopped buying one type of product altogether and opted for a reuseable option?  Did you buy the snapped together roll of cute cloths and are offended by my review?  Let me know in the comments!  (o;


Why Antibacterial Soaps Stink

What icks me out is when I go for the soap dispenser when I’m not at home and out comes that stinky antibacterial soap.  What I’m talking about is soap fortified with Triclosan which is an antibiotic and antifungal agent.  It seems to be in so many products nowadays, but do we really need it and is it even causing us harm?

Is Antibacterial Soap Really More Effective than Regular Soap?

Tummy bug, influenza, common cold, warts are all viruses, all these undesireable viruses are not afraid of antibiotics.  Oh no, these guy aren’t scared because antibiotics only kill bacteria.  Plain old soap and good old proper handwashing technique is what is going to wash these guys away.

In fact, plain old soap and antibiotic soap remove the same amount of cooties from your hands.

So, it’s A Draw Then?  Doesn’t Matter What I Use?

Actually, there are a lot of problems with  Triclosan Antibacterial soap:

Bio Accumulation ~ Triclosan is fat soluable and can accumulate in your fat stores.  It has been found in breast milk and umbilical cord blood.  Additionally, it is considered ‘persistent’ in the environment because it doesn’t break down easily.

Endocrine Disruption ~ Triclosan can alter hormone regulation in people and wildlife.  There is even concern that it could be linked to breast cancer.

Antibacterial Resistance ~ Antibacterial soap kills all but the 0.4% strongest bacteria who make bacteria babies that are very likely to be resistant to antibiotics.

Oh… and it smells nasty. 

Please share your thoughts with me – Do you avoid triclosan too?  Are you surprised that it is used in many different products?  Has antibiotic resistance touched your life?

My Eight Bars of Kiss-My-Face Natural Soap

Kiss My Face Olive Oil Unscented Bar Soap

Months ago, I decided to upgrade my soap from Lever 2000 which rates as a moderate hazard ~ 4 on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep website.  I found that the Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap which is a ‘real old-fashioned soap’ has the lowest hazard rating of zero.  So, I decided to upgrade my soap.

Now, because I am a cheapskate I decided to buy the 8 pack to get the best price per bar.  Which seemed like a bright idea until they arrived and realized ‘unscented’ meant that they didn’t add any extra fragrance oils to them.  However, they had a slightly off-putting olive oil derived odor. 

Anyways, long story short (too late) I decided that I would use all of the bars (left after I donated two of them and gave one to my mom) to give them the old college try.  I like knowing that I am using pure soap and I like the rich way that pure soap forms a lather.  However, I really do need something that I also enjoy the smell of (or can’t smell at all).

So, I would still recommend this soap to a friend, I feel good about using a product that has a risk rating in line with plain water.  My only caveat is that I would suggest they buy only one bar to try. 

The next soap I will be trying is Dr. Bronners Magic soap in Peppermint.