Tackling the Closet Monster

Inspiration to tackle the Closet Monster came in the form of a posting I found on Pinterest.  It just appealed to everything neat and good and perfect and controlled that I think I should aspire to and made me feel like an unruly portion of my home could be tackled (Pinterest makes me think in run-on sentences).

My first thought was – the labelled baskets were ingenious and everything looked so clean and organized.

Except then the environmentalist that lives in my brain was like:  “Uh, yeah using a ton of newly purchased plastic crap.”

I thought well… I think I could do this with re-purposing.  I do have some boxes awaiting recycling that I could use if I wanted this type of effect.  Also, I found this cool way to organize sheets on Pinterest – basically you put the fitted and flat sheets in the pillowcase (Mind. Blown.)

Pillowcase Holding Sheet Set Concept

So, I thought I’d give it a go – I would tackle my closet monster.  Of course, if you know me – you know I jotted down a game plan with a list of goals.  …To clean your closet, you say?  Yes, I am well aware that I’m ‘a little different’.


* Separate and Label the Different Bedding Sizes (We have King, Queen and Twin sheet sets)

* Re-purpose items instead of buying new items

* Have a bin to store wash cloths (I am against folding those things)

* Have a bin of cleaning rags (can cut up linens that are not suitable for donation)

Game Plan:

Take mental inventory of the different things that currently live in the linen closet.  Pull everything out of the closet and lay it out so I can see it all.  Start with the towels, then the sheets, then everything else.  Finish off with labeling.

The Closet Monster!

The Closet Monster!

I then went to work.  So, I won’t bore you with all of those details but – did you know it is a pain in the butt to stuff pillows like said Pinterest suggestion?  Am I surprised that a Pinterest suggestion was fussy and unnecessary?

Unnecessary, you said?  Why yes!  Because, I thought of something better.  Also, why would you want the pillowcase (where you put your face) to be the ‘dust cover’ for the sheets.  Amiright?  Just stack the fitted sheet and the pillowcases and then roll those babies up in the flat sheet.  You’re welcome.


Sheet Bundles – Not Too Shabby

Oh, and I pulled out a LOT of things to donate to charity, also some things I will cut up for cleaning rags.  As a bonus, I also have a nice mismatched pillowcase full of cleaning rags from cut up old towels.

Voila!  Closet Monster = Tackled.  Here is the finished closet clean out complete with labeling (from a cut-up ruined sheet).  Out of pocket money spent on closet organization $0.