Easy Green – Buy Recycled Paper Products

Want to save trees, water and energy all in one action?  An easy way to be green is to purchase your paper products with recycled content.  My goal is generally to buy with as much recycled content as possible.

Toilet Paper – Recycled regular paper made into toilet paper – what were you thinking I meant?

All kidding aside – people are very specific about the feel of their toilet paper – so I suggest buying a brand that at least has some percentage of recycled content.  I buy Marcal Small Steps brand – and I’ve been really happy with it – it is 100% recycled content and the 1000 sheets bath tissue is very similar to Scott brand (which has always been my favorite kind).

Printer Paper – This takes some forethought generally because if you pick up some at the grocery store or local drug store they may only offer non-recycled paper.  You will enjoy more selection online or at an office supply store .

I found that printer paper seems to be the most price sensitive to recycled content – I think a good price/benefit compromise is 30% recycled content.  However, if you go higher – you get bonus points.

My girls are both artists so we go through paper pretty quickly here.  Of course almost all of the drawings are then recycled… Please don’t tell on me.  (o;

My Humble Cloth Pile

Paper Towels and Napkins – Okay… I haven’t actually bought paper towels in a long time.  However, when I have been cornered into buying some, I always look for as much recycled content as possible.

Yeah, well what do we do about bacon, you ask?  Try laying it over a cooling rack and letting the grease drip to a plate below… you’re welcome.

Anyways, what I use are dish cloths and old cloth baby diapers to wipe down my counters.  I keep a stash of nice-er cloth napkins to wrap snacks in for the girls.

Pinned Image

Super Cute but… is it Practical???

I’ve got to say – I keep seeing this set-up on Pinterest and while I admire the cuteness of it and the intention to reuse… I think it’s going to look like that once all snapped together in a roll and then eventually end up in a pile like mine anyways.  Also – how annoying would those snaps be in the dryer or as you are trying to clean?

Okay, that said – if someone gave me some for Christmas I would secretly love it…

Green Forest White Facial TissueFacial Tissue – This one is something I need to work on.  So far I have been faithfully buying the ‘with lotion’ kind feeling very sorry for myself.  However, I pledge here and now to try a box of tissue with recycled content.

Something else that you could do for an ouchie nose is cut up an old tee-shirt (one that’s too used up to donate) and use that for kleenex… nice and soft and it was going to end up in a land fill anyways.

Did I Miss Anything?  What recycled products do you routinely buy?  Have you stopped buying one type of product altogether and opted for a reuseable option?  Did you buy the snapped together roll of cute cloths and are offended by my review?  Let me know in the comments!  (o;


Favorite Etsy Shops

I love Etsy – it is an online marketplace where people sell handmade and ‘vintage’ items in an ‘Amazon.com’ type fashion.  Even though I am generally a boring technical type, I do have a side of me that loves artistic things and values handmade items.  The cool thing about Etsy is that by making a purchase, you are directly supporting someone’s home business. 

I like to buy the kids toys from Etsy for Christmas because it has that look like it could have come from Santa’s Workshop.  Another cool thing is that many items are easily customizable because you can just send the shop owner an email “can I get green stripes instead of pink?”. 

Without further ado – here are my very most favorite Etsy shops.  I only included ones that I have actually ordered from before -you know, for Christmas presents and what not.  For Etsy Christmas presents, it’s a good idea to start shopping by Thanksgiving as the products are sometimes made to order.

Wooden Handmade toys Firetruck  Oak and Walnut Heirloom Quality Beautifully  finished with all natural beeswaxMike B. Toys

There are some real good finds in this shop –  the girls have the fire truck (shown) and actually play with it all the time (they like to stuff it with dolls and drive it around.)  We also put Pelham Fire Department Stickers on ours that Megan got from fire safety day.  Mike B makes his handmade wooden toys ahead of time, so when you order he ships it priority mail the next day.  I have noticed that some of his more awesome toys sell out before Christmas though so shop early – these are the ultimate ‘Santa’s Workshop’ style toys! 

Grey Tie - Grey and Black Silk NecktieTie Obsessed

Oh what to get my dad?  Oh, what to get my brother… my stepbrother???  Right, these awesome reasonably priced handmade silk ties.  They are shipped nicely wrapped in liner paper ready to be inserted into a gift bag.  I believe she also makes her ties ahead of time and so they ship quickly.  Also, is there anywhere in the world you can get a really nice handmade silk tie for about twenty bucks?

Deluxe Old McDonald Finger Puppet Set (Includes Old McDonald, Cat, Cow, Duck, Pig, Dog, Frog, Horse, Sheep. and Rooster.)Wee Knit

This shop sells awesome little hand-knit finger puppets.  They have quite an assortment of styles and price points which is nice for gift giving.  Also, they offer themed sets to match story-books and sell the book and matching finger puppets as a set (love!).  I gave knitted  finger puppets to my nieces in a past Christmas – these would also make great stocking stuffers. 

Red and Pink Wooden Butterfly WandImagination Kids

Love the colors and designs from this store – browsing through the items is a real treat.  I did actually break down and buy the ribbon wands for the girls one birthday.  Also, they have some really cool multi-color stackers for younger kids or as a makeshift ‘stage’ for doll playing. 


Baby Daisy Visor Beanie - seaspray, yellow, white

PDX Portland Beanie Co

So, okay – these are a little pricey – but just looook at them.  Ooooh aaaaaah  They are so durned cute.  This gal must have a master’s degree in color combinations.  I bought this as a newborn baby gift once – matching beanie and booties in any color you want (she has several colors you can choose from).  She also sells  hats for men and women too.


Vegan Organic All Natural Ingredients -- No-Bottle Shampoo and 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo Pack --  Made In America

Ethically Engineered

Do you have a hip guy in your life that uses soap?  Hey – me too!  They have a cool ‘beer glass’ shaped soap too and city themed soaps.  Definitely a cool gift.  Also, their packaging is very eco-friendly – so that is a bonus.

Free Shipping -Green Bracelet

Bead Story

This asymmetric jewelry is so unique – combining intriguing charms with beautiful beads.  Again, I’ve bought from this gal in the past for Christmas presents and I may have bought myself something special as well.  (One for you… one for me…).

So, those are my very f favorite Etsy shops.  Have you shopped on Etsy?  What are your favorite shops?