Pressure Points to Relieve Pain and Discomfort

So, this is not necessarily a ‘green’ thing, but I have found some success with pressure points.  You know, when you squeeze your brows or your hand to get some pain relief from headaches.  I also used them in my second pregnancy when the morning sickness was ‘totally sucky’.

Typically, I try to run through the pressure points before I grab my pain meds for a headache.  Sometimes using pressure points brings me about 80%-90% relief, I’d say.  If the pressure points are a no-go then usually a hot compress or heating pad does wonders to relieve pain.  I also know people who use cold compresses on their migraines but I have been really unsuccessful with cold.  If all else fails, I’ll definitely go for the pain meds.

Why am I so ‘try everything else first-ey?’ because recently I discovered I have an allergy to Advil, so acetaminophen is my only friend.  Plus, the pain meds don’t always knock a headache completely out for me, so sometimes it’s pressure points, heating pad and acetaminophen.

Anyways – I just run through my pressure points at about one to two minutes per set of points.  I’ve found that you really need to commit to the pressure point for at least 30 seconds to feel some relief.  It’s a good idea to time yourself because it’s easy to underestimate how long you’ve been pinching your face.  🙂

Here are some links that describe pressure points for common ailments:



Congestion – haven’t actually tried these when I’m congested enough to notice; let me know if they work.

More Pressure Point Links:

Also, I really enjoy Dr. Ben Kim’s blog he is a chiropractor that recommends pressure points for many ailments.  Go to his site and search for “pressure points” (or just click the underlined link).

Here is a site where you can search alphabetically by ailment – I haven’t tried any pressure points from this site although I plan to.

Finally, here is a good article where you can learn more about the benefits of and medical community acceptance of pressure points by WebMD.

Well, happy pressure-pointing.  Please, share with me some of your go-to pressure points, if you  use them.  Also, what home remedies do you use?

Disclaimer:  There are some situations where some pressure points may not be a good idea (such as pregnancy or in the location of varicose veins), please do some research if you have a medical condition.  I’ve consulted with a doctor for what generally causes my headaches.  Don’t use my article as medical advice.


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  1. Brigette Ransone
    Feb 03, 2013 @ 13:02:00

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