Real Mom Story – Karen’s Greener Points

I am happy to write a post on one of the coolest people I know; my friend Karen.  She is a busy mom of two young boys and still finds time to help coach tee ball.  Like many mom’s I know she aims to give her family the best possible while still adhering to a budget.

Karen is my food guru because during a stressful time a couple of years ago, she overcame a painful and chronic health issue by eliminating foods that she had a sensitivity to.

Now when our mom’s group goes out to eat, I crack a smile as Karen orders her drink:

“Ummm… can I get the gluten-free cocktail with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners… “

Okay, but we love Karen – and we completely understand – so it’s cool.  (:

So, this gal isn’t afraid to whip out some holistic medicine when necessary.  Here are some more of Karen’s greener points:

Organic and Whole Food Nut

Karen and her husband Ted plant an organic garden every year and they have an incredible sunny spot for it.  It’s good for their boys too because they are interested in eating the veggies that come out of the garden.  (sheesh, maybe I should plant a garden for just that reason…).

Karen also buys organic at the grocery store as much as she can.  She strives to eat and feed her family whole foods (non-processed). 

Watch Out World, Here Comes Karen

Sporty Spice

Outdoorsey, exercizey, mountain-bikey, rock-climbey are good ways to describe Karen’s family.  They are totally into muscle-powered (not engine powered) activities that get them out and enjoying fresh air in the great outdoors.

Karen, Ted and the kids also bring along their own water in reuseable stainless steel water bottles.

My older daughter even recognizes that Karen is more responsible than me as I don’t always remember to bring my own water to the playground.

Jane:”Mom, is Karen meeting us here?”

Me:”No, not today”

Jane: “Uhg, well did you remember water this time?”

So, Karen has inspired me to carry my reuseable water bottle with me, especially to the playground.  I really am inspired by the big and small changes that people in my life continue to make even with time and budgetary challenges.  

What are your greener points?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Korza
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 14:38:33

    Thanks Em! 🙂


  2. Green Janie
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 16:17:15

    Glad you like the article!


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