My Favorite Simple Recipes for the Basics

Here are some of my favorite simple recipes for the basics, I’m talking a short list of ingredients and simple prep.  The cool thing about these recipes is that you are putting all good stuff into them so it will taste wonderful and be top-notch at a low price.

No worrys about any ingredients on packaged food that you have to Google to figure out what they are.  Also, I filed this under ‘reduce’ because you can make as much as you need and you won’t need to have bottle for this and a bottle for that.

A side note – I usually just use regular vinegar for any recipe where ‘rice vinegar’ or ‘red wine vinegar’ ect… is called out and it seems to turn out fine.  Personal (lazy) choice.  Also, I usually substitute sweeteners for what I have on-hand (honey – agave – sugar).

Easy Basic Recipes:

Salad Dressings:

Vinaigrette 1        Vinaigrette 2


Teriyaki Sauce     Enchilada Sauce

Ketchup                  BBQ Sauce  (within a recipe)

Spice Mix:                Scroll to the bottom of these links for the simplest recipes

Chili Spice Mix       Taco Spice Mix

Great From-Scratch Cooking Websites:

Also, here are a couple of my go-to sites for from-scratch and frugal cooking:

Money Saving Mom Recipes

Tammy’s Recipes


Are there any basic recipes that you routinely make?  Please share your recipes!


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