Do my Green Cleaning Products Make the Grade?

I am very excited to finally get to play around with the newly released Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Guide to Healthy Cleaning.  EWG has a searchable database of safety ratings for cleaning products. 

I try to buy things for cleaning that are safe for my family and also have a low impact on the environment.  Up until now, I have tried to choose items that are a ‘green’ brand or seem pure with having ‘free and clear’ on the label.  Here are my main go-to products:

I know the Labels are Backwards… Struggling with WordPress…

Well, what do I clean the toilet with then you ask? 

I don’t do toilets. 

…Just kidding, I scrub with the Bon Ami and disinfect with the vinegar.  Okay, so I’ve made a serious attempt to be crunchy here with my cleaning supplies.  For information on making your own green cleaners, I suggest the book Organic Homemaking by Ellen Sandbeck or this free cleaning recipe website with cute printable labels.

How did my cleaning products grade with the EWG ratings?  Not Good.  (Moi???)  So, in an effort to bring up my grades, I have some suggested future purchases (when I’m done with the bottles of what I have now):

What I noticed is that A or B rated products are common products that are available in most grocery stores.  Upgrading cleaning products is a totally do-able thing with good and affordable alternatives.  That sometimes it is just a matter of being selective of which product you buy within a brand.  This kind of information is so valuable because it shifts buying patterns and it influences companies to change formulations for the better of all. 

Cool, thanks EWG.


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  1. Green Janie
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 21:57:38

    Hello, this is definitely not me from my own blog leaving a comment…

    Hey, I know… yooooooou should leave a comment so I can shower you with gratitude for stopping by.


  2. Sherry Darrow
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 14:32:55

    I love the cleaning green product suggestions – and I also went to the link, ” …women”, easily downloaded their recipe cards and was pleased with what they offered!

    Re baking soda – I remember I was trying to clean the kitchen grout in the pool home – terri calmly walked up to me and said that her mother used moistened baking soda and a tooth brush. I quickly found the ingredients – 2 (!!!) and went to town – yelling over and over again – Terri! it works! It really works! I was so surprised – I had tried bleach, ajax, and products promising whiteness with bad results – a/k/a they didn’t really work, and the commercial product fumes were going to kill me early.

    I especially like the fact that you researched gradings with EWG, found your results, and now will test other products.

    You are providing men and women a way to save our soils, water, and souls by providing us all with easily found products, easy to use, and – products that leave a very light footprint on my debit card!


  3. Dee
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 01:41:26

    I am loving this! Good tips, affordable and delivered with a sense of humor. I am hooked!


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