Three Reasons Why I Love My New Compost Bin

Who’s got two thumbs and loves her new compost bin? … This guy!!!  I have made my own compost bins in the past but this time I decided to go the premade route and get a basic model from Lowes (about $50).  I have been using the compost bin for about a month or so and these are the big reasons why I love my new compost bin:

My Compost Bin

1:  Not-Drippy Garbage

When  we put veggies and fruit cuttings (or whole rotten fruit let’s be honest) in the compost bin, the garbage bags are less likely to be drippy.  I love this because drippy garbage bags rank like 10 for me in gross-ness on a scale with 10 being the worst.  Plus, cleaning the related drippy garbage pails is no picnic. 

2:  Less Garbage to Handle 

I know most everyone has garbage and recycling pick-up.  However, we drive our garbage to the local transfer station.  I don’t really mind going to the transfer station and putting the recycling in the recycle spot and the garbage in the garbage spot.   Even so, it is nice to to not have to load everything up and go quite as often.

3:  Keeping Valuable Stuff Out of Landfills

Beyond just not having foul drippy garbage, it just seemed like a shame that I was putting all that ‘good biodegradable stuff’ in a landfill when it could easily break down and be given back to amending our so-so soil.  BTW, never go for a ‘deal’ on the price of topsoil… another story for another day.

What Goes Into a Compost Bin?

Looks Like Someone Needs to Take Out the Compost

Wikihow has a good list of things that are compostable; green things like veggie clippings and fresh leaves and brown things like dry leaves and shredded paper.  There is an optimal ratio for mixing these, basically it is more brown things than green.  However at our last house I didn’t get real scientific about it, I just made sure to add dried leaves to the pile now and again and the compost turned out fine. 

Yeah, but How Much Work is Composting?

It’s pretty easy, I have a medium sized bowl on the counter for compostable stuff and I take it out once a day (Full disclosure… generally I’m lazy and take it out every two or three days).  Others may be much better homemakers than me guaranteed. 

I put the closed compost bin fairly near to the house so it will be an easy and quick thing to do.  Also, I should be mixing the compost every couple weeks or so.  I haven’t done it with this one as it is still pretty new (and relatively empty).  For people who don’t like mixing, there are tumble-able styles that make it easier. 

If you are interested in composting basics, here is a great video from the Sierra Club.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen Korza
    Sep 09, 2012 @ 12:47:44

    Great job Em! Good reading on the compost bin 🙂


  2. Sherry Darrow
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 14:47:38

    Dear Green Janie –

    I found your article to be a VERY practical way to compost – easy to throw in composting designated bowls of “stuff”, a lock down container – great – especially if you live out where there are a lot of junk-food loving critters (junk food meaning they’ve got to be able to find, out in the woods, their “natural” foods)

    Turning might become a chore – but I’ve had compost heaps in the woods behind my house – I rarely turned them over with a pitch fork – but the product of my efforts yielded a very rich soil that made my plants grow like wildfire. You can’t get that in a store – this is also free.

    Thanks for releasing me from the juicy garbage bag syndrome – cuts down on the cleaning I get around to once in a while!


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